Use your phone or tablet as a full feature security camera

One click installation

No monthly fees

Free cloud storage

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WardenCam Camera
WardenCam Viewer

Use one device as a camera and another as a viewer

A full featured security app

WardenCam has all the features you will need, without the huge costs that is expected.

Secured Sign in

Sign in with Google for secure encrypted access between your viewer device and your camera devices

24/7 Live Streaming

Remotely access the stream anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices over the internet

Cloud Storage

Recordings are saved to your Google Drive or Dropbox, where you can view it anytime for free

Motion Detection & Alerts

Detects and records any movements and saves it to your cloud storage. Get instant alerts with a screenshot on your mobile device whenever something happens

2-Way Talk

Lets you listen to what's going on, and talk to your pet or kids

Night Vision

Can detect low light conditions, and will automatically enhance video at night

See what's going on

WardenCam is designed to keep an eye for you while you are away, so you can watch in real time, or to review later.

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