Angileah Rhea

Looks great, works great! Good quality view, depending on your phone. Works great. :)

Ashraf Ebyse

100% Worked! Worth trying. Just paid once and I can enjoy using this apps forever. The best part is there was no monthly fee. Well done developer. Recommended!

Kevin Kramer

No Worries Easy to setup and use. No compatibility issues with Android Jellybean OS and up. Very reliable motion detection. Brilliant having a choice between Google Drive and Dropbox for security video storage and sharing. Really like that I can have 2 cameras (or more?) feeds on one viewer. Scheduling camera activity times is helpful. Support experience has been fast and precise.

Johnny Findley

This is a great security app, why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for any other product when all you need is this.

Dave Cody

Fantastic app Love this app so much i can keep a eye on the animals and be able to speak to them so they don't feel lonely would highly recommend this for all security uses

Bob Crosbee

The best of the bunch. No fees. I've tried several other, "turn your phone into a security camera" apps, but this one is the top in its field. Works flawlessly. The app will restart if the phone reboots. Very important if your away and monitoring. The best part? No monthly fees for saving your videos to a proprietary "cloud". You have access to your own videos on either drive or Dropbox.

Troy Hufhand

Great app I love how easy it was to set up and the picture quality is as good on a newer tablet as a real security camera. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mikhail Lim

Really good. Converts a crappy second phone to a decent security camera. No subscription cost. Works well with backup to drive/dropbox

John Wildish

It's good.. It's good.. Free cloud recording.. Unlike others that charge.. A little jumpy sometimes. And a few more remote switches to the cameras would be good (set times to record), but it's not bad at all. And now my old phones are set up as cameras.. All for under £10 once purchased the apple and Android versions..

Jason Buechner

Great App Excellent Support This app works great with my old galaxy s2 phones. It has all the features you'd need and operates in a simple and intuitive layout. I love the cloud backup. I have a home security system with an indoor cam and an outdoor cam already, but having three more cameras inside with the 2 way intercom is awesome! Support is phenomenal! I emailed a question and got a helpful, personal reply in less than 10 minutes! Henry continued to answer a couple other questions I had without any delay

Pete S.

This has certainly gotten much better. I've had this for several years now and at first you were lucky for the cameras to stay online for a day. Now they can go many weeks and it's very reliable. The multi-thumbnail view is a nice feature, as is the remote light control. The "camera flip" mode doesn't seem to work for me, that's too bad, but I make do. A web-based viewer would be incredible, so hopefully that's a possibility down the road. I feel a lot more secure being on the road when I can check in at home any time I want.

Cabot Eaves

Caught the thieving SOB I am a renter in a home with other tenants. After a couple of weeks I noticed things coming up missing in my room and also noticed that my door has been tampered with even though I had installed s lock on it. I downloaded WardenCam on one of my old phones and placed it in a hidden spot in my room and to my disbelief it was not one of my co-tenants but my own landlord stealing from me. The priceless look on my landlords face when I showed the footage, and you wouldn't believe how much I saved on rent now.

Stephen Hart

AWESOME Just downloaded the app too both my phone and spare phone and it works. There is a motion sensor that records and sends a notification to my Galaxy Note 3. This app has just saved me a couple hundred dollars. Well worth the 2 minutes it takes too set up. This is a must have for those that have children that have baby sisters. You can set it and access it from anywhere using your phone.

Svetlana Manojlovic

Great Home Security It's amazing! I use my old phone as a surveillance camera. This app works perfectly and saves money!

Mark Barrett

Awesome Warden cam update made the app go from superior to untouchable. It added everything I ever wanted. But now that I have it all I would like more, lol. It would be great to see from both front and back cameras at same time if even possible which I doubt it is now. And when using front camera allow back camera light to work. I also would like to view from windows. There is an add on app that can make that happen though. I might be unrealistic in these petty request. Warden cam is the best phone app ever!!!

César Brasil

Awesome Loving it. One of the very few apps worth paying for after trial period. One time payment instead of monthly bill is very appealing, and gives us a chance to use our Google Play credit.

Terri S

Awesome app Using multiple phones in different locations in my home as cameras and monitor from my S6 remotely! This was so easy to set up, and it works perfectly! Settings are individually controlled remotely from your phone, when it's used as a monitor (viewer). This app leaves the others of this type in the dust!

Kimbert Bartiquel

Useful app I was surprised with the features, it was a nice idea developing this app good for monitoring your home. I recommend it!